Primary Election Endorsements

  Arizona State House of Representatives

Leg District Name
LD 2 Tom Chabin*
LD 3 Doris Goodale
LD 10 Jackie Thrasher*
LD 14 Chad Campbell*
  Robert Meza*
LD 16 Cloves Campbell*
  Ben Miranda*
LD 18 Cecil Ash
LD 27 Olivia Cajero Bedford*
  John Kromko
  Phil Lopes*
LD 29 Daniel Patterson
  Tom Prezelski*

   Arizona State Senate

Leg District Name
LD 1 Tom O’Halleran*
LD 26 Pete Hershberger*


About Primary Election Endorsements

Primary endorsements are listed forArizona’s contested primary legislative races. If a race is uncontested in the primary election, HVA is not making an endorsement for the primary.  In some district races that are contested in the primary, HVA either does not endorse any of the candidates or has no information about the candidates. In such cases HVA has made no endorsements.  In races in which HVA is making endorsements, those endorsements are based on legislative report cards for 2008 and past years and questionnaires.  Please note that we only have legislative report cards for incumbents, and we only have questionnaires for candidates who have responded to HVA’s request. If you are willing to volunteer to contact candidates who have not returned questionnaires, or if you have questions or comments pleasecontact us at .  Please remember HVA is an all volunteer organization, and volunteers will endeavor to respond as quickly as possible. HVA is the Arizona Chapter of Humane USA. For federal primary election endorsements visit Humane USA at