Candidate questionnaire responses are posted as they are received.

Please note: candidate questionnaire responses below do not include question explanations, which provide important background information. Click here to view or take a sample of the complete survey that was sent to candidates.

HVA makes endorsements based on survey responses and legislative voting records (when available). Voting records of incumbents and former legislators are always given more weight than survey responses.

Candidates for Arizona House of Representatives

Candidate NameLegislative DistrictParty
Selina Bliss01Republican
Laura Terech04Democrat
Brianna Westbrook05Democrat
Amish Shah (i)05Democrat
Sarah Liguori (i)05Democrat
Jennifer Longdon (i)05Democrat
Caden Darrow08Republican
Athena Salman (i)08Democrat
Mary Ann Mendoza09Republican
Tatiana Pena 11Republican
Oscar de los Santos11Democrat
Stacey Travers12Democrat
Sam Huang12Democrat
Paul Weich12Democrat
Patty Contreras12Democrat
Terry Roe12Republican
Josh Askey13Republican
Jennifer Pawlik (i)13Democrat
Suzanne Lunt14Republican
Teresa Martinez (i)16Republican
Brian Radford17Democrat
Nancy Gutierrez18Democrat
Sanda Clark 19Democrat
Damien Kennedy21Republican
Deborah McEwen21Republican
Oye Oyegbola21Democrat
Lorenzo Sierra (i)22Democrat
Jesus Lugo, Jr.23Democrat
Flavio Bravo26Democrat
Brian Morris27Republican
Scott Podeyn29Democrat
John Gillette30Republican
Marianne Salem30Republican

(i) = incumbent

Candidates for Arizona State Senate

Candidate NameLegislative DistrictParty
Jeanne Casteen02Democrat
Thomas Dugger03Democrat
John Kavanagh03 Republican
Christine Marsh (i)04Democrat
Lela Alston (i)05Democrat
Roxana Holzapfel08Republican
Junelle Cavero11Democrat
Catherine Miranda11Democrat
Mitzi Epstein12Democrat
Cindy Hans13Democrat
Michael Morris13Democrat
Alan Smith15Democrat (write-in)
Robert Barr17Republican
Mike Nickerson17Democrat
Morgan Abraham18Democrat
Stan Caine18Republican
Richard Andrade22Democrat
Jamie Kelly 27Republican
David Raymer29Democrat

(i) = incumbent