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-- HVA Candidate Questionnaire responses

-- HVA Legislative Report & Scorecard

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2007 Report & Scorecard

2006 Questionnaire, 2006 Report & Scorecard

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About HVA General Election Candidate Endorsements


In the next column is a partial candidate endorsement list for Arizona's general election legislative races. We will be adding more endorsements as we receive information.  In some district races, HVA either does not endorse any of the candidates or has no information about the candidates. In such cases HVA has made no endorsements.  In races in which HVA is making endorsements, those endorsements are based on legislative report cards for 2008 and past years and questionnaires.  Please note that we only have legislative report cards for incumbents, and we only have questionnaires for candidates who have responded to HVA's request.   If candidates in your legislative district have not responded, please contact them, let them know you are a voter in their district and you would like for them to fill out the HVA questionnaire and return it.   If you are willing to volunteer to contact candidates who have not returned questionnaires, or if you have questions or comments please contact us at humanevotersarizona@cox.net .  Please remember HVA is an all volunteer organization, and volunteers will endeavor to respond as quickly as possible.

HVA is the Arizona Chapter of Humane USA. For federal general election endorsements visit Humane USA  

List of All Arizona General Election Senate Candidates

List of All Arizona General Election House Candidates

HVA Primary Election Endorsements



Humane Voters of Arizona (HVA) is an all volunteer, non-partisan organization that supports candidates who care about animals and animal protection. Electing those candidates is the most crucial step in enacting animal protection laws. Because of their charitable status with the IRS, other animal protection groups are prohibited from endorsing candidates. HVA is the only statewide animal protection organization permitted to participate in candidate campaigns. Humane Voters of Arizona participates in:

  1. Endorsement of animal protection candidates based on legislative report cards on incumbents questionnaire responses from candidates which are posted on this site.
  2. Fundraising: HVA has changed its status from an exempt to non-exempt political committee. That means HVA can now raise money, and donate to animal friendly candidates and independent expenditure campaigns.
  3. Grassroots candidate support: Arizona has a strong base of passionate, committed and talented volunteers who have shown their political acumen and commitment by consistently winning animal protection battles for citizens' initiatives. Circulating petitions and working at polls on election day translate to important support for HVA endorsed candidates. Our new grassroots program is underway. Please contact us if you'd like to volunteer.
  4. Training: HVA helps train the animal protection community and volunteers on how to participate in political campaigns and recruit animal friendly candidates. Thanks to Arizona's Clean Elections Law, there are more opportunities for new candidates to succeed even if they are not connected to political insiders and lobbyists.

2008 General Election Information



The so-called "Majority Rules" initiative will destroy Arizona's citizen initiative process and our voting rights! Click here for more information

South Tucson Voters: VOTE YES ON PROP 401!

Humane Voters of Arizona urges a YES Vote on the Tucson Dog Protection Act (South Tucson city initiative)   Click here  for more information.



County Attorney Candidates new!

Barbara LaWall, Candidate for Pima County Attorney  read questionnaire

Tim Nelson, Candidate for Maricopa County Attorney  read questionnaire

Arizona State Senate Candidates 


Legislative District

Albert Hale *  

State Senator - District No. 2

Jim Larson #

State Senator - District No. 6

Karen Price #

State Senator - District No. 9

Richard Miranda *

State Senator - District No. 13

Debbie McCune Davis *  

State Senator - District No. 14

Ken Cheuvront *  

State Senator - District No. 15

Leah Landrum *  

State Senator - District No. 16

Meg Burton-Cahill *  

State Senator - District No. 17

Judah Nativio #

State Senator - District No. 18

Jay Tibshraeny*

State Senator - District No. 21

Rebecca Rios *#  

State Senator - District No. 23

Amanda Aguirre *  

State Senator - District No. 24

Manny Alvarez *

State Senator - District No. 25

Cheryl Cage #

State Senator - District No. 26

Jorge Luis Garcia *

State Senator - District No. 27

Paula Aboud *

State Senator - District No. 28

Linda Lopez *

State Senator - District No. 29

Jonathan Paton *

State Senator - District No. 29

 (*)   incumbent – see Senate Scorecard for voting record

 (#)  submitted questionnaire


See House Scorecard for Jonathan Paton’s voting record

 Although HVA has no endorsement for Legislative District 10 we wish to acknowledge Senator Linda Gray for her efforts in sponsoring an amendment to HB 2485 which banned the roadside sales of animals.  Although Sen. Gray does not have a history of supporting animal protection, we were encouraged by her actions last session and are hopeful that she continues her efforts.

Arizona State House of Representative Candidates 


Legislative District

Tom Chabin *

State Representative - District 2

Doris Goodale #  

State Representative - District 3

Sue Dolphin #  

State Representative - District 4

Paula Forster #  

State Representative - District 4

Jack Brown *  

State Representative - District 5

Jack Doody #

State Representative - District 6

Stephanie Rimmer #

State Representative - District 8

Sheri Van Horsen #  

State Representative - District 9

Jackie Thrasher *#

State Representative - District 10

David Scanlon #

State Representative - District 12

Steve Gallardo *  

State Representative - District 13

Martha Garcia *  

State Representative - District 13

Chad Campbell *  

State Representative - District 14

Robert Meza *   

State Representative - District 14

David Lujan *  

State Representative - District 15

Kyrsten Sinema *  

State Representative - District 15

Cloves Campbell *  

State Representative - District 16

Ben Miranda *  

State Representative - District 16

Ed Ableser *  

State Representative - District 17

David Schapira *  

State Representative - District 17

Cecil Ash #

State Representative - District 18

Tammie Pursley #

State Representative - District 18

Barbara McGuire *#

State Representative - District 23

Lynne Pancrazi *  

State Representative - District 24

Theresa Ulmer *  

State Representative - District 24

Donald Jorgensen #

State Representative - District 26

Nancy Young Wright *#  

State Representative - District 26

Olivia Cajero Bedford *  

State Representative - District 27

Phil Lopes *  

State Representative - District 27

Dave Bradley *  

State Representative - District 28

Steve Farley *  

State Representative - District 28

Daniel Patterson #  

State Representative - District 29

 (*)   incumbent – see House Scorecard for voting record

 (#)  submitted questionnaire


Legislative District 10:

HVA endorses Jackie Thrasher for re-election in LD 10. Rep. Thrasher has an excellent voting record on animal protection issues.  However we wish to acknowledge Rep. Jim Weiers for his efforts in sponsoring and passing HB 2485 which banned the roadside sales of animals.  Although Rep. Weiers does not have a history of supporting animal protection, we were encouraged by his actions last session and are hopeful that he continues his efforts.  HVA also acknowledges candidate Lamont Lovejoy for his submitted questionnaire which supports animal protection.

Federal Candidate Endorsements

HVA is the Arizona Chapter of Humane USA. For federal general election endorsements visit Humane USA  

More Information

List of All Arizona General Election Senate Candidates

List of All Arizona General Election House Candidates

HVA Primary Election Endorsements


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