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Humane Voters of Arizona Supporters,


The safety of Arizona wildlife and voting rights has been preserved, and we have you to thank.


We are grateful to the citizens of Arizona for rejecting this power grab by the legislature, the NRA, and Sportsmen for Wildlife  Ė- the second time the voters in the state have rejected an attempt by some of these same groups to block citizen initiatives to protect wildlife. Itís always better to keep power in the hands of the people, and thatís just what voters did on Tuesday by saying ďnoĒ to Prop 109.


Voters have retained their right to petition the government and make law on animal protection issues, just as they have done in recent years to restrict steel-jawed leghold traps, ban cockfighting, and the confinement of animals in factory farms.  This is a victory for voters and for wildlife, and a defeat for the NRA, Sportsmen for Wildlife and legislators that donít trust the judgment of voters.

You made this victory happen. Whether you donated to keep our TV ads on the air, spent your nights phone banking for NO on 109, hit the pavement with leaflets, or engaged your friends and family, you helped show millions of Arizona voters what terrible things Prop 109 would mean for animals and people and that it was time to say NO. Thanks to you, neither animals nor people need suffer under a bad law -- thank you for all your help.


We could not have had this victory without our NO on 109 partner groups - the  Animal Defense League of Arizona, The Humane Society of the United States, and the Grand Canyon Chapter of the Sierra Club.


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Stephanie Nichols-Young


Arizonans Against the Power Grab - No on Prop 109